Peter Walla

Peter is Professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Newcastle providing academic leadership in Neuroscience. Peter developed his interests and techniques at the Clinic for Neurology (Prof. Wilfried Lang and Prof. Lueder Deecke) and the Ear-Nose-Throat Clinic (Prof. Ehrenberger) at the General Hospital in Vienna as well as at the St. Andrews University in Scotland (Michael D. Rugg).

Peter's background includes roles at numerous prestigious academic institutions around the world. These include:
  • The Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne
  • Marta Kutas and the Larry Squire Laboratories in San Diego
  • The Medical University in Vienna
  • Biological Psychology Department at the Vienna University

Peter has published extensively in neuroscience including prestigious journals such as Nature. Peter is an internationally recognised expert in Human Brain Research.

Peter's Neuroconsulting experience goes back to 1999 when he conducted the first study for a retail branding company in Austria. Since then, Peter has had extensive experience in working with a number of commercial clients.

Newcastle Innovation

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