Neuroconsult offers a range of services. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular interests and needs. We will work with you to determine which of our services are best suited to delivering your particular information needs.

1. Consultancy

Neuroconsult offers know-how, knowledge and expertise on neurobiology and human brain functions ranging from simple sensory information processing to higher order conscious memory and decision making processes. Neuroconsult is particularly experienced in the field of non-conscious information processing in the human brain. Contact us to determine how Neuroconsult can help you to get accurate customer information on your products and services.

2. Emotion Quantification Studies - Startle reflex modulation

Startle reflex modulation is the gold standard in terms of emotion quantification. If you are interested in determining the true emotional impact of your product or service, a well designed startle reflex modulation study will provide the answers. Startle reflex modulation is not only more accurate than competing technologies, it is also the least expensive method to quantify emotion. We will work with you to design a startle reflex modulation study to evaluate your products or services.

Typical examples of the types of problems the technology can be applied to include:

  • Product evaluation
    You develop products and need to know which product version elicits the most positive emotion? Provide us with images of your products or give us real product versions to handle or even use and we design a startle reflex modulation study for you. We will then provide you with a pleasantness ranking where you can see, which of your solutions elicits the most positive emotion (be it design or usability). Of course we can also do this for demographically different groups depending on your targets.

  • Evaluative conditioning
    You want to associate your products or even the entire brand with positive emotions and measure the impact? We can design a startle reflex modulation study for you to test different positive emotion categories associated with your products or brand to define the ones that elicit the most positive emotion.

  • Advertisement testing
    You plan to run a new campaign? No matter whether it is a flyer, or any other print media or even a TV commercial. Let us test your solutions by designing a startle reflex modulation study for you to know which of your ideas is the most promising.

3. Additional Techniques

Neuroconsult can also offer Electroencephalography (EEG) and Functional Magnet Resonance Imaging (fMRI).
The brain knows more than it admits and we have access to that knowledge