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new paper

29 Mar 2020

Advancing a NeuroIS Research Agenda with Four Areas of Societal Contributions

Conference award won by Peter Walla and Sofija Lozovic

01 Jul 2019

2019 winner of most visionary paper award at the NeuroIS retreat 2019: The Effect of Technology on Human Social Perception: A Multi-Methods NeuroIS Pilot Investigation by Peter Walla and Sofija Lozovic, Webster Vienna Private University, Austria and Newcastle University, Australia.
NeuroIS Society

new paper published

15 May 2019

Can Evaluative Conditioning Change Well-Established Attitudes Towards Popular Brands? Your Brain Says Yes Even Though Your Mouth Says No
open access paper

Talk at Busines Academy

15 May 2019

Peter Walla was invited to give a keynote lecture on the pitfalls of perception in the context of face lifting treatment.


26 Feb 2019

Peter Walla was invited to give a keynote talk on Neuromarketing infront of a mixed audience with people from various different disciplines and backgrounds (scientists, industry, students, etc.)

NeuroIS Society

18 Dec 2018

Very recently, a new academic society, the Society for NeuroIS, has been founded with Peter Walla being among the founding members representing the neuroscience face of it. The NeuroIS Society has a focus on the combination of Information Systems (IS) and neuroscience research and development. It is a non-profit organization based in Vienna (Austria).

E-Book published

13 Dec 2018

Finally, the E-Book to "The Janus Face of Language" is freely accessible. It contains 26 articles from 89 authors and it was co-edited by Peter Walla
free E-Book

Editorial: Sub- and Unconscious Information Processing in the Human Brain

15 Jun 2018

Consciousness as an individual experience is a rather young evolutionary product, which means that all older structures that are strongly involved in the generation of human behavior work largely without being associated with conscious experience. This explains why people not always do what they say. In other words, the brain knows more than it admits to consciousness and since we have more and more access to that knowledge we should be interested in gaining it.
Applied Sciences

THE JANUS FACE OF LANGUAGE: Where are the emotions in words and the words in emotions?

16 May 2018

Dr. Walla and other contributing authors contributed 24 articles which are compiled into 4 chapters. These articles highlight how language and emotions work together. "They provide answers to how information about an emotion is decoded from abstract stimuli such as words, and how the emotional content of a word is represented in the brain. They furthermore highlight the role bodily physiological changes and self- and socially relevant contexts play in the processing and generation of emotional word meaning."
Frontiers in Psychology

Special Issue for Administrative Sciences

27 Feb 2018

Peter Walla will guest edit a special issue on Consumer Behavior and Consumer Neuroscience for the scientific peer-review journal "Administrative Sciences". The special issue is planned to focus on discrepancies between self-reported and objectively measured data. There is growing evidence that such discrepancies exist and given that human behavior is strongly guided by non-conscious information processing it is considered beneficial to get access to this non-conscious processing level by collecting implicit data through objective technology.

How to define emotion?

09 Oct 2017

Peter Walla got an innovative article accepted for publication. This article clearly distinguishes between emotion, feeling and affective processing by offering clear definitions. Numerous prior attempts to agree on only an emotion definition alone have failed. A further still widely neglected problem is that language as a cognitive cortical function has no access to subcortical affective processing, which forms the basis for both feelings and emotions. Thus, any survey question about something emotional cannot be answered properly. This is why it is particularly important to complement self-report data with objective measures whenever emotion-related processes are of interest.

Study for food industry

22 Jun 2017

Peter Walla completed a very successful study conducted in collaboration with an Austrian food company. He and his team tested marketing material with a focus on discrepancies between conscious and non-conscious emotion impact.

new publication on brand attitude

28 Feb 2017

Evaluative conditioning of established brands: implicit measures reveal other effects than explicit measures. Accepted by the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics.

Full paper published

07 Oct 2016

Samsung Versus Apple: Smartphones and Their Conscious and Non-conscious Affective Impact!
Respective work has been presented at the NeuroIS Science Retreat in Austria and now the paper is published by Springer.
Information Systems and Neuroscience

Marketing conference paper accepted

08 Mar 2016

How else can consumer attitude be tested?

Digital overuse

23 Feb 2016

Together with Christian Montag Peter Walla just published a paper on the acute problem of overusing digital communication devices.

New Project

22 Dec 2015

Austrian food company collaborates with Peter Walla. Startle Reflex Modulation Project starts early 2016

Retail Branding study finished

13 Dec 2015

The findings could be applied immediately.

Using the Startle Eye-Blink to Measure Affect in Players.

31 Oct 2015

Neuroconsult meets Game Industry: Huge progress in measuring emotion impact of gaming

New top brain imaging study

31 Oct 2015

Emotion-related neural activity leading to facial expressions: EEG and facial EMG

Head of Department and CanBe Lab

04 Mar 2015

Peter Walla has been hired by Webster University in Vienna to run the Psychology Department and the CanBe Lab (Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience and Behaviour). Basic science, as well as various kinds of applied studies are conducted in this lab. Applied studies mostly focus on questions that are relevant to the industry.
Webster In Vienna

The me1 and the me2

11 Feb 2015

A new paper has been accepted about the finding that the human self seems to consist of what is called a me1 and a me2. While the me1 is more like a "we" in that the brain processes principle personal engagement, only the me2 reflects the proper self that is distinct from any other.

Industry Project

20 Dec 2014

The impact of color on emotion: explicit versus implicit responses


06 Oct 2014

Neuroconsult helps to develop a written guideline for schools with a focus on how to teach students Neuroscience topics. The guideline also includes suggestions for hands-on student experiences.
project description

A new app has been launched

22 Jul 2014

Neuroconsult was involved in the creation of a new app (The moon and You) that is designed to generate emotion awareness in teenage girls and women during the various different stages of their menstrual cycle. Being aware is the basis for control.
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NeuroIS (Information Systems) Retreat in Austria

11 Jun 2014

Peter Walla was invited as a Neuroscientist to represent his field of expertise and to discuss relevant issues that come with interdisciplinary research. The vibrations were excellent and Neuroconsult will kick off collaborations within the IS field.
Gmunden retreat program

new consumer neuroscience paper

22 May 2014

Consumer neuroscience to inform consumers: physiological methods to identify attitude formation related to over-consumption and environmental damage
frontiers in human neuroscience

Editor in Chief

09 Mar 2014

The journal "Cogent Behavioural Sciences" that will soon be launched as part of the Taylor & Francis group will have Peter Walla as Chief Editor.

Editor in Chief

09 Mar 2014

Neuroconsult head accepted invitation to become acting chief editor of "Psychology", a leading open access journal publishing research from various different fields within psychology.

Peter Walla gave a keynote at the Hastings Business Enterprise Network Meeting

24 Dec 2013

Peter Walla was invited to give a keynote at the Hastings Business Enterprise Network Meeting in Port Macquarie. Understanding Human Behaviour to Boost Your Profits: How can a better understanding of a client's brain make it easier to make a sale?

HMRI funding awarded

16 Nov 2013

Together with Frances Kay-Lambkin and Keith Nesbitt Peter Walla got HMRI awarded funds to run their joint project on male depression.

HMRI funding

18 Sep 2013

The Hunter Medical Research Institute invited Peter Walla and colleagues to round two of its latest funding scheme and to submit a full application to support their study about alcohol abuse.

Eye tracking

18 Sep 2013

Peter Walla and colleagues describe beyond mainstream applications of eye-tracking in business research. Published in Analise.

ASP2013 conference

03 Jul 2013

Scientific Head of Neuroconsult, Peter Walla, invited to give a keynote lecture about Affective Neuroscience.

Neuroconsult connects with Peter Steidl

13 May 2013

Peter Steidl is a brand, marketing and consumer strategist with a remarkable blend of academic, intellectual, commercial and creative thinking skills.

New paper about affective processing

24 Apr 2013

Further testing our methodological approach we made huge progress in better understanding the sensitivity of startle reflex modulation.
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New paper about emotion ownership

17 Apr 2013

This study is based on the idea that emotion-related processing happens on various different levels. Common methods that are used to measure different aspects of emotion-related processing exhibit spe- cific sensitivities to one or the other of these separate processing levels. Here, the hypothesis was tested that explicit and implicit measures of emotion-related processing are differently influenced by self-refer- enced versus unreferenced emotion.
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awarded grant

20 Mar 2013

Clinical implication study: impulsive versus compulsive behaviour and its neuro physiological correlates.

awarded grant

07 Mar 2013

New research idea about faces in buildings gets funded by Newcastle University. A collaboration between Peter Walla, Stephan Chalup and Michael Ostwald.

new emotion model

24 Jan 2013

Peter Walla and Jaak Panksepp published an influential chapter proposing a new emotion concept
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Neuroconsult helps to improve well being of patients with multiple disabilities

04 Dec 2012

People with multiple disabilities cannot express themselves, which means they are not verbally responding if asked how they feel. Neuroconsult got a paper accepted written with colleagues that proposes the use of their technology to measure well being in this patient group.

Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture

23 Sep 2012

Neuroconsult contributes to the annual ANFA conference (La Jolla, California) by introducing startle reflex modulation to measure emotion impact of architecture on human subjects. In collaboration with Stefan Chalup Neuroconsult also works on a roboter that recognizes emotion and adequately responds to it.

International Conference on Information Systems (Orlando)

03 Aug 2012

Peter Walla and Monika Koller got a conference paper accepted: Measuring Affective Information Processing in Information Systems and Consumer Research – Introducing Startle Reflex Modulation.

Neuroimaging in Affective and Consumer Neuroscience

20 Jul 2012

A new book chapter will appear: "Neuroimaging to research affective processing and to deliver to Consumer Neuroscience" (by Walla, Mavratzakis and Bosshard).

A new Emotion model

14 Jul 2012

A book chapter (Walla&Panksepp) will soon appear proposing a new emotion model. This model takes the idea into account that several different emotions can simultaneously exist. It also shows that emotions are separate from cognition. It will be publishes by InTech, an Open Access Publisher.

Emotion and the Self

06 Jul 2012

Cornelia Herbert and Peter Walla from Neuroconsult present their collaborative work at the "Consciousness" conference in Brighton (UK).

Neuropsychoeconomics conference 2012

08 Jun 2012

Neuroconsult contribution: Startle reflex modulation enriches the methodological spectrum in consumer neuroscience by Monika Koller and Peter Walla (2012).
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A car's face

03 Jun 2012

The Eyes Have It: How a Car's Face Influences Consumer Categorization and Evaluation of Product Line Extensions

Slipping into unconsciousness

24 May 2012

Being anesthetised using propofol your consciousness isn’t suddenly switched off, it gradually fades as a real-time video watching the brain at work shows.


Bottle shape counts

18 May 2012

A new scientific paper about varying emotions depending on bottle shape will soon appear in the journal "Psychology".
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Non-conscious brain processes

13 May 2012

The brain knows more than it admits. Only objective methods have access to that knowledge.
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Unbiased emotion and brand attitude

13 May 2012

Objective measures of emotion related to brand attitude:
A new way to quantify emotion-related aspects relevant to marketing.
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Unbiased emotion elicited by urban environments

13 May 2012

How median real estate price of districts in Paris correlates with unconscious emotion elicited while virtually walking through them.
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The brain knows more than it admits and we have access to that knowledge